Galatasaray Coach Fatih Terim gave about her health from her Instagram account. The term said the coronavirus test had turned negative. Here are the explanations of Terim:

„Hello. First of all, I missed everyone. Unfortunately, this virus has entered our lives. Unfortunately, it has also changed our habits, our lifestyle, the way we perceive people and events. I say sorry. It took our loved ones from among us. . I wish God’s mercy to all those who lost their lives. I wish all people healing and patience.

„I have been struggling with this virus for about a month. It wasn’t easy. Today I wanted to share my first negative test result. If our esteemed physicians think that I meet the criteria for plasma donation, which is said to be beneficial in the treatment of the virus, that is, to become a donor, I am willingly ready to do my best. I hope I will touch the lives of a few people, and that will make me very happy.

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Maybe nothing will be the same from now on but will be morale for new beginnings. I hope we will keep our morale high without ever despairing. This country, what we have survived, as a country, I hope we will get through this hand in hand. Everything in life has its place, except for one thing.

Please take this business seriously to protect yourself, your loved ones and all your surroundings. . It is necessary to apply all warnings and protection solutions carefully. For us, take care of all healthcare professionals who have given up themselves and their families. May Allah help us all, my hand is in my heart. „

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